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  • The Stevens Point area is not just a beautiful place in which to live, grow, work, and play. It is a destination. The homestead from which to build a career, begin and raise a family, pursue life's dreams, and achieve personal and professional goals. Our District is an integral part of the Stevens Point area family, and we believe that the opportunities we offer, the people who provide them, and our students who take ahold of them will take you and your children - our students - to heights of achievement.


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  • District Honors 2020 and 2021 Retirees

    Posted by Stevens Point Area Public School District on 6/4/2021
    These amazing individuals contributed a combined 643 years of service to the students and families in the Stevens Point area and we are so grateful! Enjoy retirement, you've earned it!!
    Back row from left: Jill Erdman-Tepp, 26 years, Duwayne Behnke, 28 years, Amy Steinmetz, 22 years, Jeffrey Tepp, 32 years, Richard Check, 7 years, Richard Pliska, 23 years, Leon Zick, 37 years, William Rudahl, 12 years, Carl Coffman, 27 years, Gerald Helminiak, 6 years, John Lautenschlager, 18 years, Neil Rippey, 12 years, Anne Bourbonnais, 22 years, Gary Zdroik, 43 years, Mary Eckes, 20 years, Jeanne Koepke, 10 years.
    Front row from left: Margaret Bach, 30 years, Marilyn Devine, 15 years, Ione Hausler, 26 years, Christine Schilcher, 21 years, Mary Baird-Barnes, 31 years, Janet Misener, 42 years, Patty McGibbon, 30 years, Patti Mrozek, 23 years, Mary Stelchek, 6 years, Debra Koziczkowski, 13 years, Karen Stephani, 29 years.
    Not Pictured: Beverly Butcher, 13 years, Karla Wanta, 32 years, Jennifer Graboski, 31 years, Nola Furmanek, 29 years, Rick Rybarczyk, 25 years, Alison Schroeder, 4 years, Susan Pliska, 26 years, Deb Zieher, 22 years, Doreen Eckendorf, 16 years, Grant Martell, 11 years, Patti Mrozek, 23 years, Cynthia Kluck, 3 years, Kim Willkom, 21 years, Nancy Gumney, 28 years, Bonnie Helbach, 30 years, Marla McKenzie, 12 years, Kathryn Studinski, 18 years, Elisa Syens, 30 years, Diane Merrill 28 years, Lu Ann Opperman, 31 years, Kristie Kleman, 8 years, Karen Adams, 34 years, Susan Hoffman, 27 years, James Mansavage, 23 years, Louis Mbughuni, 17 years, Katherine Siverling, 30 years, Donna Stanczyk, 31 years, Bruce Trzebiatowski, 2 years, Mable Voelker, 21 years, Linda Wierzba, 20 years, Cheryl Behnke, 26 years, Cheryl Geske, 33 years, Mary Ladron, 20 years, Carol Witt, 12 years, Carrie Mahoney 19 years, Nancy Gross, 25 years, Dale Hetzel, 28 years, Charles Post, 5 years, Keith Waterson, 5 years, Robert Armatoski, 7 years, Michael Dennis, 20 years, Nancy Higgins, 12 years, Judy Pirog, and Paula Reinerio, 12 years.
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  • Our District consists of nine Elementary Schools, two Junior High Schools, one Senior High School, and our specialized schools (Point of Discovery School, Charles Fernandez Center, Boston School Forest and Online Learning Center), and an exceptionally strong 4K program. Our students receive a comprehensive K-12 education and achieve at high levels because of a highly talented and dedicated faculty and staff; several unique programs; strong community partnerships; strong leadership at Board and Administrative levels; and a loyal, committed, and supportive community. It is for these reasons, and mostly because of our greatest assets - our students - that Stevens Point is one of Wisconsin's premiere, public school districts.

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