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  • The Stevens Point area is not just a beautiful place in which to live, grow, work, and play. It is a destination. The homestead from which to build a career, begin and raise a family, pursue life's dreams, and achieve personal and professional goals. Our District is an integral part of the Stevens Point area family, and we believe that the opportunities we offer, the people who provide them, and our students who take hold of them will take you and your children - our students - to heights of achievement.

Empowering Student Success: SPASH Elective Showcase

  • Student shares experience in business elective courses with incoming sophomores at SPASH Elective Showcse


    At SPAPSD, we're passionate about providing our students with not just an education but a pathway to success that caters to their unique interests and aspirations. The recent Elective Showcase at SPASH celebrated the extensive array of elective courses we offer, underlining the crucial role choice plays in shaping our students' academic journey and setting them up for success.

    Academic Enrichment

    In our pursuit to offer a wide spectrum of electives, we recognize the academic enrichment that choice brings. Studies have repeatedly shown that when students are engaged in subjects they are passionate about, they perform better academically. Our robust course offerings allow students to explore areas they are genuinely interested in, driving their curiosity, motivation, and ultimately, their success.

    Nurturing Individual Talents

    We believe that every student possesses unique talents and interests that deserve to be nurtured. The Elective Showcase reflects our commitment to fostering individual growth. By offering courses that span various disciplines, we provide opportunities for students to discover and develop their talents, ensuring they graduate with a well-rounded education.

    Preparing for a Competitive World

    The modern world demands a workforce that is adaptable, innovative, and multifaceted. To meet these demands, we offer dual-credit opportunities in fields such as marketing, technology, and healthcare. These courses not only provide students with a head start in college but also equip them with practical skills and knowledge essential for success in the competitive job market.

    Expanding Horizons

    Our elective courses extend beyond traditional academics. They open doors to unique experiences and career pathways that students may not have considered otherwise. By participating in courses like Adventure Recreation, Life Responders, or Video Productions, our students gain valuable life skills and explore unconventional career options, broadening their horizons and helping them make informed choices about their future.

    Join Us in Shaping the Future

    At SPAPSD, we view education as a partnership between educators, students, and parents. We invite our students and their families to continue to explore the boundless opportunities our courses and programs offer. Together, we can create a tailored educational experience that equips our students with the skills, knowledge, and passion they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


    See More Photos From the SPASH Elective Showcase

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