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  • The Stevens Point area is not just a beautiful place in which to live, grow, work, and play. It is a destination. The homestead from which to build a career, begin and raise a family, pursue life's dreams, and achieve personal and professional goals. Our District is an integral part of the Stevens Point area family, and we believe that the opportunities we offer, the people who provide them, and our students who take ahold of them will take you and your children - our students - to heights of achievement.



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  • SPASH Students Learn the Business of Giving Back

    Posted by Stevens Point Area Public School District on 12/13/2017


    Student Displays Ornament Being Sold for Local Charitable Organizations


    Students in Mr. Knight’s Introduction to Business Class are putting their business skills to good use this holiday season raising funds for local charitable organizations. “We live in a very generous community and these students will be responsible for carrying on that tradition,” said Trevor Knight, SPASH business teacher. “This assignment gives groups the opportunity to apply components of working in the business world we covered in class into a real environment for real organizations”. Students work through team development skills, a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of their project, identification of their target market and marketing plans.


    Student Working at Computers


    Groups were allowed to select the charitable organization of their choice and then got to work selling ornaments and brainstorming other ways to raise funds, using social media tools, direct sales to peers, family, and online commerce websites like eBay. “It just feels good to give back,” said Jodie Piece, a junior at SPASH, whose group is raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club of Portage County.


    The SPASH Stocking Stuffers selected the Humane Society and focused their marketing messages on statistics from the local shelter after realizing several students in the group had adopted pets from the shelter. “We wanted to appeal to how people feel about their pets and animals in general,” said Erin Jore, SPASH sophomore. “I don’t think many people know how many animals are in the shelter each year, we wanted to support keeping them healthy and helping them to be adopted.”


    Students Working in Groups


    Students also shared that they learned to roll with unforeseen hiccups along the way noting that the original order was for red ornaments with a black logo. However, when that order arrived, the logo had been printed in white. “We ended up liking the white logo better, sometimes mistakes turn out to be positive in the end,” laughed Emily Johnston, SPASH junior.


    The top fundraiser so far has raised the bulk of their funds, over $750, through a GoFundMe page, a free online fundraising platform. Students shared that they believe they have been successful because not everyone wants another ‘thing’, but that people do still want to donate. Funds from this group will be donated to Operation Bootstrap.


    Sales and donations will be accepted and collected through December 22.


    Operation Bootstrap -

    The Salvation Army -

    Boys and Girls Club -

    Humane Society -

    United Way -

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  • Our District consists of nine Elementary Schools, two Junior High Schools, one Senior High School, and our specialized schools (Point of Discovery School, Charles Fernandez Center, Boston School Forest and Online Learning Center), and an exceptionally strong 4K program. Our students receive a comprehensive K-12 education and achieve at high levels because of a highly talented and dedicated faculty and staff; several unique programs; strong community partnerships; strong leadership at Board and Administrative levels; and a loyal, committed, and supportive community. It is for these reasons, and mostly because of our greatest assets - our students - that Stevens Point is one of Wisconsin's premiere, public school districts.


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