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Welcome to Plover Whiting Elementary

  • Plover-Whiting Elementary is located in a beautiful wooded area at 1400 Hoover Avenue, Plover. The school was built as an open concept school in 1974 and has since then evolved into a school with walls and partitions. We currently have 23 classrooms which consist of three classrooms in each grade level from 1st thru 6th grade, four Kindergarten, and one 4K classroom. We have a talented, well-educated, dedicated staff that is eager to teach and care for your children. We are proud of our staff and encourage you to become involved in your student's education!

  • Designated Drop Off/Pick Up Locations

    Please see the attached map to ensure the safety of your child for drop off and pick up locations at PW.


    Click here for map

  • WCNC

    (Wildcat News Crew) 6th Grade Students at PW, led by Mrs. Gosse, report the daily news, weather, menu, birthdays and events. Here is an example of the broadcast:  


    WCNC footage

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