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Welcome to Plover Whiting Elementary

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    Plover-Whiting Elementary is located in a beautiful wooded area at 1400 Hoover Avenue, Plover. The school was built as an open concept school in 1974 and has since evolved into a school with walls. We currently have 21 classrooms which consist of three classrooms in each grade level from kindergarten thru 6th grade. Plover-Whiting Elementary has talented, well-educated, and dedicated staff eager to teach and care for your child(ren). We encourage you to become involved in your child's education!

    Safety and education will continue to take priority as we work through this process. STAY TUNED as we post and send home important information related to the building protocols.                              

    2020-21 SCHOOL HOURS:  8:45a.m. - 3:35p.m

    • Students may arrive at 8:20a.m. Supervision also begins at 8:20a.m.

    • Students will be lead into the building at 8:35a.m. Instruction begins at 8:45a.m.

    • If you arrive after 8:45a.m. you will need to sign your child in at door 1. All other doors will be locked.

    • All students are expected to be picked up at 3:40p.m.  


    • Free breakfast and lunch for all students has been extended to June 7th. Lunch and breakfast are free to all students. We still need families to turn in free and reduced lunch forms! The funding helps are reading programs tremendously. If you need help filling out your forms we would be happy to help.

    • Grade K-2, plus upstairs classrooms, will have lunch delivered to their classroom

    • Grades 3-6 will walk through the service line and proceed back to their classroom

  • Designated Drop Off/Pick Up Locations 

    Drop-Off/Pick-Up Map

    Download Drop-Off/Pick-Up Map



      • Staggered Start: It is imperative that you arrive at your assigned time. Arriving earlier then your assigned time slows the process. 
        • A-H: 3:25 p.m. / pink sign on the drivers' side window
        • I-R: 3:35 p.m. / yellow sign on the drivers' side window
        • S-Z: 3:40 p.m. / lime green sign on the drivers' side window
      • Families may only enter the drop off / pick up parking lot from Airline Drive.

      • Family drop off and pick up in the left lane. They may use the right lane to pass cars in order to leave the parking lot.

      • The Hoover Avenue entrance is for Buses and Staff Only.

      • All students who walk or bike before school on Airline Dr. are to take the sidewalk along Hoover, park your bike in the bike rack if you road one to school, and walk in front of the building to your assigned class spots outside. There will be adults to guide them along the way.

      • All students who walk or bike after school will be dismissed at 3:35 p.m. 

      • Great Escape drop-off and pick-up will be at Door #7.

      • At 3:50 p.m., all students should be off school grounds and on their way home. 
      • Please refer to Map for traffic flow and parking areas.

  • WCNC

    (Wildcat News Crew) 6th Grade Students at PW, led by Mrs. Gosse, report the daily news, weather, menu, birthdays and events. Here is an example of the broadcast:  


    WCNC footage

Wildcat News!

Peachjar Flyers