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  • Reopening Schools 2020-2021

    Elementary students attending in-person classrooms will start the year with Traditional Classroom Learning, four-days per week, and E-Learning one-day per week.

    Monday: In-Person Learning

    Tuesday: In-Person Learning


    • All student E-Learning Day

    • Facilities are deep cleaned and sterilized

    • Teacher Collaboration & Prep Day

    Thursday: In-Person Learning

    Friday: In-Person Learning

    This decision has been made based on the belief that most elementary students learn best with direct instruction in a traditional classroom environment. Knowing that this is not a solution desired by all families, implementing a four-day in-person week with E-Learning one day per week provides teachers the time they will need to create a District E-Learning option for students who are not ready, or able, to return to a classroom environment. Further, we anticipate there will be a need to move to E-Learning quickly by classroom, grade, or building. This model will allow the district to provide continuous and common instruction for students choosing to learn in a classroom or E-Learning environment.

    Families should prepare for notice of E-Learning for an extended period similar to weather-related school closings.

    This model is being implemented in tandem with increased safety, disinfecting, and distancing procedures and protocols as well as modified building layouts.

    Grading will return to a traditional standards-based system for all students.

    The staff at Washington Elementary welcomes you to our website. We hope that it will provide you with valuable information. Our staff is committed to providing the very best educational experiences possible for our students each and every day. 

    Washington Elementary has been a part of the Stevens Point community since 1963.  Washington welcomes approximately 440 students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. 

    Washington benefits from strong parental involvement and support.  Heading into our 16th annual Tiger Trek this May, this 5K once a part of our students service learning projects, the school community has continued this great tradition into the future.  Your involvement is vital to our students’ success! We invite and encourage you to be an active participant here at Washington through volunteering in our classrooms, joining the PTO and joining us for special events.

    Thank you for being a part of our Washington “Nurturing, Learning, Community.”   

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