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  • Recognizing a Transportation Hero: Karen Adams Awarded Mandana Bliss Award

    Posted by Stevens Point Area Public School District on 9/12/2023

    Karen Adams (center) receives Mandana Bliss Award. Left, Lee Nowicki and Right, Superintendent Hirsbrunner

    The Stevens Point Area Public School District honored one of their own as a true school hero at the September 11th school board meeting. Karen Adams, Route Coordinator for SPAPSD transportation, was presented with the prestigious Mandana Bliss Award for her tremendous service to students, families, and staff. 

    In the nomination letter, Karen was praised for her kindness, patience, and problem-solving skills, especially during challenging times like the beginning of each school year when transportation schedules are in flux. Whether answering questions or coming up with creative solutions for special needs students, Karen goes above and beyond to ensure every child gets where they need to be safely and comfortably. 

    During the pandemic and the district's return to in-person learning in December 2020, Karen and her team designed and developed bus routes in a very compressed timeframe to support vulnerable students. Her dedication and critical thinking allowed impossible tasks to become reality everyday.

    For reliably answering every call with solutions and genuine care for all, Karen is most deserving of this honor. Her relentless effort to help students and ease anxiety makes our schools run smoother. Congratulations to Karen Adams, a true hero among us!

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