Stevens Point Area Public School Transportation


    If you are a public school parent and have moved, you first must call the business office and get  your address changed in Skyward.  Their number is 715.345.5456. Once it's changed in Skyward then we can process the change in transportation.  Thanks for your help in this matter.

     For the beginning of a new school year, please refer to the parent information tab on the left for finding busing information for your student.  Just a reminder, students need to be out waiting at their bus stop at least 5 minutes before their scheduled pick up time.  If you ever have any questions, please contact the transportation office.


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    Apply online through WECAN

    If you have problems applying through WECAN, please stop by our office (3300 Water Street) between 5:15 AM and 5:15 PM weekday during the school year.  Summer hours do vary.

    Driver on Bus


    The Transportation Department's main mission is to provide Safe and Efficient service.  We travel roughly the distance from Miami, Florida to San Francisco, CA and back daily.  Our District covers 400 square miles and our goal is to provide the safest route to and from school.  


    Per school board policy, students living further than two (2) miles from school will be provided transportation to and from school.  Kindergartners that live further than one (1) mile from school will be provided transportation.  If your child is not eligible for transportation, you may fill out the Open Seat Rider Request form.  This form allows parents to sign up for transportation of those students that live within the 2 mile walk zone of each school.  This is based upon open seats available on the bus and the students will be routed to the closest stop on the route.


    Also, Please review bus loading and unloading safety with your child.  Please remind your children the dangers of the bus stop.  As a bus approaches a stop, remind children to stand back until the bus comes to complete stop and the driver has opened the student entrance door.  Children should NEVER retrieve a back pack that they may have dropped without notifying the driver FIRST.  If your child has to cross the street, they need to wait until the bus driver waives them across.