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  • Congratulations Charles Fernandez Center Graduates

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/26/2017

    Congratulations to all 2017 Charles Fernandez Center graduates! View images from the graduation ceremony


    CFC Student Walks Across Stage

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  • District Honors 2017 Retirees

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/26/2017

    2017 District Retirees

    View More Photos from the Retirement Dinner

    The Stevens Point Area Public School District honored its 2017 retirees on Tuesday, May 23 at the Sky Club in Plover, Wisconsin. The district’s 24 retirees contributed 577 years of service to district students and the community. Back row from left: Lori Knepfel, 30 years, Shelly Johnson, 20 years, Laura Smith-Neuwirth, 33 years, Charles Upthagrove, 28 years, Paul Alm, 23 years, Lee Pliska, 29 years. Front row from left: Pat Biga, 18 years, Sharon LaBlanc, 27 years, Jean Parsons, 30 years, Susan Van Dreser, 29 years, Roberta Laine, 29 years, Lynn Evans, 26 years, Tori Flury, 29 years. Not pictured: Connie Blarek, 22 years, Kay Goddard, 13 years, Alan Gumney, 28 years, Julie Johnson, 36 years, Catherine Jones-Ferk, 30 years, Beth Krein, 10 years, Lori Lampert, 17 years, Diane Richter, three years, Barbara Ruesch, 12 years, Mona Stehle, 27 years, Dale Wayerski, 28 years.

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  • SPASH Music Students Performed at State Solo and Ensemble

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/25/2017

    On Saturday, May 6, 2017, SPASH Music students participated in the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble Festival at UW-Stevens Point.  The students from the Band, Choir and Orchestra Departments performed at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival in Marshfield on March 4, 2017. Students who received a 1* rating at Marshfield were then sent to perform at the State Festival under the direction of Brad Schmidt (Band), Deb Pionek (Choir) and Cynthia Kiepert (Orchestra).  


    State Participants


    Row 1:   Koppany Bodor-Orchestra, Emily Pumper-Orchestra, Lili Rollands-Orchestra, Kaia Houtman-Orchestra,  Emma Kowalski- Orchestra/Choir, Lydia Ensminger- Choir, Bailey Wunrow-Choir, Haley Grair- Band, Kassidy Ziegel-Band, Annanisa Zaske-Band, Brennan Mattmiller-Band


    Row 2:  Sean Hardiman-Orchestra, Anna Hansen-Orchestra, Roshini Traynor-Orchestra, Julie Riley, Orchestra, Emily Young-Orchestra, Allison Kleman- Choir, Katie Hoerter-Choir, Kiri Kaster-Choir, Kathryn Pfeiffer-Band, Annalise Bablitch- Band, Sarah Kim- Band, Annika Enders- Band, Spencer Thompson- Band.


    Row 3: Tam Doan-Orchestra, Alyssa Schroeckenthaler-Orchestra, Zsanna Bodor-Orchestra, Jaycie Korth-Orchestra, Faith Kluck-Orchestra,  Tom Felt- Choir, Nick Langenhahn- Choir, Riley Andrews- Choir, Luke Daniels- Band, Jared Miller-Band, Leif Akemann- Band


    Row 4: Hope Mahon-Orchestra, Mackenzie Lavin-Orchestra, Alex White-Orchestra, Ia Ong Yang-Orchestra


    Not pictured: Meghan Fletcher-Orchestra, Frederick Van Tiem-Orchestra, Bethany Franz- Choir, Jordan Garski- Choir/Orchestra, , Adam Pryor- Band


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  • SPASH Youth Apprenticeship Appreciation Breakfast Honors Students, Thanks Local Businesses

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/22/2017


    YA Students

    Row 1: Bailey Adams, Dana Altmann, Kelsey Burton, Breanna Weiler, Alex Rekowski, Baylor Braatz, Devin Thompson, Noah Griffith
    Row 2: Lillian Beyer, Rachel Kawleski, Steph Ligman, Brandon Calderon, Andres Constante, Ben Misiewicz, Josh Hogan
    Row 3: Kyler Voth, Michael Zdroik, Jakob Gavin, Dylan Sobczak, Jeff Skierka, Cale Molski, Justin Wisinski


    The Youth Apprenticeship Appreciation Breakfast was held Monday, May 22, celebrating the accomplishments of students participating in the program, while thanking local businesses that make the opportunity possible.


    YA Breakfast


    YA Breakfast


    Twenty-two students were recognized for completing their first or second year in the program which partners with local businesses to provide hands-on career experience while earning high school credit.


    YA Breakfast


    “Our partnering businesses provide real world experiences for students that they typically wouldn’t be exposed to in a traditional high school setting,” said Ryan Kawski, career and technical education coordinator at SPASH. 


    YA Breakfast


     “We could not provide these opportunities on our own, and we are very thankful for the businesses welcoming our students.”


    YA Breakfast


    Cooperating businesses vary, representing agriculture, construction, auto mechanics, engineering, finance, machining, welding and transportation. Local partners include, AECOM, Altmann Construction Company, Altmann Enterprises Dairy, Bulgrin Grandview Farms, Check’s Muffler Center, Gollon Brothers Wholesale Live Bait, Marten Machining, Members’ Advantage Credit union, Mid-State Truck, Paper City Savings, Peskie Builders, Schulist’s Custom Cabinets, Steel King, The Worth Company, Tomorrow River Dairy, Transport Refrigeration and Worzalla Publishing.  


    View more images from the event here or on the CTE Facebook Page. 


    For more information on the Youth Apprenticeship Program, visit the Career Center online,


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  • Education Enrichment Fund Announces Grant Recipients

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/19/2017

    Past Education Enrichment Fund recipients receive recognition at Point School’s Staff Opening Day Celebration in 2016

    Past Education Enrichment Fund recipients receive recognition at Point School’s Staff Opening Day Celebration in 2016.


    The Education Enrichment Fund is pleased to announce recipients of the 2017-18 granting cycle. A total of $9,900.61 was awarded to eight projects in the Stevens Point Area Public School District.


    • Roadrunner News Crew

    Roosevelt Elementary


    • From Bottle to Bioreactor

    P.J. Jacobs Junior High


    • Flexible Seating in the Classroom – Empowering Students Through Choice

    Jefferson Elementary


    • A Shocking Proposal

    Ben Franklin Junior High


    • Mindfulness for Students – Stevens Point Sculpture Park

    All Elementary Schools


    • Social Emotional Learning Through Sports

    McKinley Center Elementary


    • Bringing the Community to You – Virtual Reality Style

    Technology Services and Boston School Forest


    • Classroom Calming Kits

    Jefferson and Plover-Whiting Elementary



    “Each year we see projects that simply cannot be achieved through the typical funding streams available to public education,” said Steve Lane, Chair of the Education Enrichment Fund Committee. “The fund tries to give the opportunity to teachers and staff to try out something new, something different, for their students that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. We’re very excited to see the results from next year’s projects.”


    The Education Enrichment Fund was established in 2003 through the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin to provide for special initiatives to enrich the classroom experience that cannot be funded at a meaningful scale through the regular school budget. For a complete list of past recipients, or to learn about donating to the fund, visit the Stevens Point Area Public School District online,


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  • Point Schools Transportation Dept. to Receive Grant for Anti-Bullying Program

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/18/2017


    Bus Driver


    Stevens Point Area Public School District is proud to announce they have been selected to receive a grant of $3,000.00 from the 2017 United Against Bullying (UAB) Grant Program for an anti-bullying initiative.


    The program is the social campaign of Safe Fleet, the leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. They offer school communities and organizations working with youth tools, resources, and funding to help end bullying and empower young people to be kind, empathetic, and successful.


    Stevens Point’s winning proposal demonstrated the need to upgrade video equipment on district owned buses and to assist in building Positive Behavioral Invention and Supports (PBIS) that is currently used in school buildings and being implemented in the transportation department for the 2017-18 school year.


    “Being able to upgrade our equipment will allow our department to work more closely with schools to support the initiative to end bullying within the district, especially on the school bus”, said Carriveau.

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  • SPASH Students Test Their Business Savvy

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/17/2017


    SPASH business students, Derek Czaplinski, Stevie Knoke, Kevon Hairston and Dalton Foley created Wicked Candles as part of a business class assignment. They quickly learned first hand the challenges and rewards of running their own business. Hear from them about production, marketing, re-investing profit and what they've taken away from the experience. 

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  • CFC Students Share Their Books at Jefferson

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/15/2017

    Students Reading Together


    Jefferson Elementary first graders got a special treat this afternoon with a visit from Charles Fernandez students. 


    Students Read Together


    Students from Charles Fernandez have been working to author and illustrate children's books to share with students. 


    Students Read Together


    It doesn't matter what age you are - reading together is always fun! 


    Students Read Together

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  • Student Project Looks at School Energy Use

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/12/2017

    Students from PoDS conduct energy audits in district buildings and schools as part of their ‘Stevens Point 2050’ project.

    Students from PoDS conduct energy audits in district buildings and schools as part of their ‘Stevens Point 2050’ project.


    The students at Point of Discovery School (PoDS) in Stevens Point, as part of their ‘Stevens Point 2050’ project, are currently learning about energy, sustainability, economics, and technology. 


    For part of this project, they are conducting energy audits of all district schools and buildings. The PoDS staff and Sara Windjue, UW–SP K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP), collaborated to develop the project, with KEEP providing the measurement tools that students used to conduct the audits and project support.  


    Energy Audit Kits provided by Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program contain tools students used to conduct energy audits in
    Energy Audit Kits provided by Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program contain tools students used to conduct energy audits in district buildings and schools. (Contributed Photo/Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program)


    The students measured light usage, electricity usage, and analyzed thermostat settings throughout district buildings. Data from those measurements will be compiled and compared with energy bills from the last year to make recommendations that will increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs.  “While energy use in schools is a complicated endeavor that certainly involves a wider range of variables than the students will be studying, conducting these audits will provide the students with much needed perspective on energy use and the economics behind both renewable and non-renewable resources,” said Dan Lathrop, PoDS lead teacher.


    As a culminating project, students are designing and creating inventions that will lead to a more sustainable future.  Their inventions, and the energy audit reports, will be on display at a Celebration of Learning, which will take place at Point of Discovery School at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 1, public welcome.

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  • A Note to Staff

    Posted by Sarah O'Donnell at 5/7/2017


    Teacher Appreciation Week Image



    As I began to consider how I might share my appreciation for your work in our District, I kept coming back to a recent discussion at a strategic planning session.


    One of my goals for the year has been to complete strategic planning. Once completed, goals from the work of that committee will provide staff, leadership and the board a clear direction for us all to work toward. At our first planning session, the team reviewed our mission statement and began to develop our vision and belief statements. As we discussed changing the mission statement, one of our SPASH students spoke up in it’s defense, and his comments have stuck with me.


    “That is about me,” he stated. “Everytime I see that on a poster, on the website, on a folder, on my planner, I know that everyone is here to prepare me to be successful”.


    His comments have stuck with me not because of a spectacularly written mission statement, but because they are a direct testament to your good work. He feels that way because the statement reminds him of how you have positively impacted him and his classmates. Through your carefully planned and well executed delivery of curriculum, specific and targeted classroom support, preparation of food keeping brains ready to learn, care and maintenance of safe learning and working environments, careful passage to and from school, fevers checked, newsletters sent and all the behind the scenes work that keeps our networks maintained, lights on, lawns mowed, phones answered and parents informed -- we have instilled in our students the opportunity and courage to be successful.


    Each of us, teacher, educational assistant, principal, clerical, support, custodial/maintenance, food service, transportation, administrator and school board member, play a role as we fulfill the District’s mission to prepare each student to be successful.


    This week of Teacher Appreciation Week, and all weeks, thank you for the contributions you make each day to our students and to our District.






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