The mission of Academic and Career Planning is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to create their individual vision of post-secondary success.


    KNOW - Who am I?

    • Self-awareness - Personality, Values, Interests, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
    • Reflection and Goal Setting


    EXPLORE - What do I want to do?

    • Find out about the world of work and explore careers
    • Career Research
    • Career Awareness Assessments
    • Career Clusters


    PLAN - How do I get there?

    • Consider skills, classes, and degrees that different jobs require
    • Find work-based learning opportunities
    • Explore and experience particular fields of interests
    • Look into options for experience: 
                     -Work based learning opportunities
                   -Postsecondary training options
                   -Financial plan for postsecondary routes
                   -Community based learning opportunities


    GO - Do!

    • Action and Experiences
    • Modify your plan and goals when needed
    • Advanced Placement Courses
    • Course/Youth Options Courses
    • Career Exploration Courses
    • Youth Apprenticeship
    • Job Shadowing


    There are certain activities to complete by grade level, but ACP is a fluid process of exploring who you are, what you want to do, how you're going to get there, and taking action.  Continue to re-evaluate your goals and continuously KNOW, EXPLORE, PLAN, and GO!