Summer School Transportation


    Transportation for Summer School 2019

    If your student is registered for Summer School transportation, buses will be arriving to all schools during Summer School by approximately 8:30 a.m. so that students may participate in the FREE breakfast program. Please remember that routes differ during Summer School. Stop times and routes may be different than your student is used to. 

    Summer School 2019 transportation information will be available to view online using the District Routing Information or on the My Stop App beginning June 12. 

    Please review the information to assure your student is at the right stop at the right time. Buses may run early or late being the first week of Summer School. We appreciate your patience and understanding.  

    To view your student’s summer school transportation information beginning on June 12, CLICK HERE and:

    Summer School Transportation Info

    If you have questions or need assistance with Summer School transportation pickup and/or dropoff times, please contact the Transportation Department at 715-345-5477.


    Students requiring transportation will attend the summer school site based on the attendance area for the summer address.  
    For example: If the student will be bused from childcare during the summer, the student must attend the summer school site based on the childcare's address. If you are not certain which summer school site your child will attend, please contact the Transportation Department at 715-345-5477 or use the District Routing Information available to determine the attendance area. In order to receive District Transportation (busing), the pick-up and drop-off location must be within the same summer school attendance area boundary.

    Grades PreK - 2nd:

    • Jefferson Elementary Summer School: Jefferson and McDill attendance areas
    • Kennedy Elementary Summer School: Kennedy attendance area
    • Madison Elementary Summer School: Bannach, Madison, and Washington attendance areas
    • McKinley Elementary Summer School: McKinley, Plover-Whiting, and Roosevelt attendance areas

    Grades 3rd - 6th:

    • Kennedy Elementary Summer School: Kennedy attendance area 
    • Ben Franklin Junior High Summer School: All 3rd - 6th grade students enrolled in Summer School programs

    Grades 7th - 8th:

    • P.J. Jacobs Junior High Summer School: All 7th - 8th grade students enrolled in Summer School programs 

    Transportation is NOT available for the following summer school courses:

    • SPASH courses (grades 9-12)
    • Panther Fitness
    • Swim Lessons
    • Camp Invention
    • Music Lessons (band and orchestra)
    • Music Camps (band, orchestra and choir)

    Students requiring transportation must be registered for a summer school course AND transportation by Friday, May 10. Busing for late registrants cannot be guaranteed and will be provided based on route availability and bus capacity.