Welcome to the New and Improved Transportation System!  This page is for the Staff Members to assist in requesting Field Trips, Athletic Trips, and receiving other important information. The Transportation Department is happy and thrilled to provide staff members with these new tools.

    For Staff Requesting Trips/Athletic Trips, please click the below link.  

    Trip Request/TripTracker

    Trip Tracker Requestor Instructional Video 

    Trip Tracker Approver Instructional Video


    Administrators:  The majority of Administrators to log into the system, please use the same userid as you log into your district computer

    Teachers/Coaches:  To log in into the system, you will need to use your full email address as your userid.  



    For School Office Staff - Where are the buses, when will they arrive to school??

    Arrival Boards



    For School Office Staff - Route Information

    Route Information - e-Link

    Office Staff and Administrators:  To log into e-Link, please use your full email address.