Click here to request busing for the 2023-2024 school year if your student did not ride last year, moved or is attending a school different than last year-(use this link only until July 1, 2023).  All 4K students  must complete the busing request form!

    • When completing the form, if your student needs busing to or from anywhere other than their home, make sure the correct information is supplied on the form.  
    • For split or divorced families, if busing is needed from both homes, make sure that it is noted in the form.  
    • ONE form needs to be completed for each student in your household.

    After, July 1 you will need to contact one of our route coordinators to make a busing request.                  

    If your student(s) are attending one of the following schools, email Tammy Barker at tbarker@pointschools.net

            Elementary: Bannach, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Kennedy

            All Parochial Schools: Sacred Heart, Pacelli Catholic Schools (Elementary, Middle and High School), Stevens Point Christian Academy, St. Paul Lutheran 

            Secondary: Point of Discovery, PJ Jacobs Junior High, SPASH 

    If your student(s) are attending one of the following schools email Karen Adams at kaadams@pointschools.net

            Elementary:  McDill, McKinley, Plover Whiting, Roosevelt

            4K Schools: - Requesting busing for 4K students, you will do so as part of the Skyward enrollment process here.

            Secondary:  Ben Franklin Junior High, SPASH

    If you do not have computer access or need assistance, please contact our office at 715-345-5477 during our business hours. 

    Public school students must have a current address listed in Skyward (school records) in order for busing for your student(s) to be accurate.  To update your family address, please call the Student Services department at (715) 345-5454.

    OPEN RIDERSHIP IS NOT AVAILABLE...  Click here if you live within walking distance to your school and would like to request busing as an open-seat rider. Open-seat riders will be notified after the fourth week of school.