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    Q: What is FMLA?
    A: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides guidelines for the amount of time employees are allowed off for certain medical and family situations.  A brief summary of the leaves is listed below.


    A serious health condition for the employee
    Federal: 12 Weeks
    State: 2 Weeks

    Birth or Placement of a child
    Federal: 12 weeks
    State: 6 weeks*

    Child under the age of 18
    Federal: 12 weeks
    State: 2 weeks

    Child over the age of 18
    Federal: 12 weeks
    State: 2 weeks

    Care of a Spouse
    Federal: 12 weeks
    State: 2 weeks

    Care of a Parent
    Federal: 12 weeks
    State: 2 weeks

    Care for a family member,
    injured while on Active Duty
    Federal: 26 weeks

    A call to Active Duty that
    leads to a "qualifying exigency"
    Federal: 12 weeks


    *2 additional weeks can
    be added if there
    is medical necessity


    Q: Do I qualify for FMLA?

    To qualify for Federal FMLA coverage an employee must have worked at
    least 12 months, and at least 1250 hours during the preceding 12 months.
    - Exclusive of paid time off.
    To qualify for State FMLA coverage an employee must have worked at least 
    2 consecutive weeks, and at least 1000 hours during the preceding 52 weeks.
    - Inclusive of paid time off.
    Q:  Do I qualify for a donation of sick leave?
    A:  Please refer to the Employee Handbook, Section 2.17, Leaves B.  
    Q: Is there any help available to an employee going through a tough period, whether it be emotional, marital or family related.
    A:  Yes, help is available.  Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can aid you in finding solutions to your concerns. This might involve a referral to counseling, support groups, or community programs that address your needs.  Your EAP provides free problem assessment, referral and follow-up. All contacts with the EAP are STRICTLY confidential.
    Call 715-344-6379 or 1-800-540-3758.
    Q: I don't have my Social Security Card or Birth Certificate, can I bring in a copy? 
    A: Unfortunately, according to Homeland Security, we are required to view the original document and record the information.

    Q: Where can I find the forms I need?
    A: For forms relating to payroll and benefits, please visit the Human Resources website. For forms relating to mileage, or a W9 form please visit the Business Office Forms page.  


    Q: What factors are considered before hiring?
    A: Many criteria are reviewed prior to offering an applicant a position, including information contained in the application, background experiences, education, references, a criminal background check, and responses received during the interviewing process.


    Q: If I am not hired as a teacher, will I be considered for a substitute teacher or classroom assistant position?
    If you are interested in a substitute teaching position, please visit the Substitute Opportunities.
        If you are interested in an education assistant position, please visit the Support Staff Opportunities.


    Q: If I work as a substitute or a classroom assistant in the district, will it increase my chances of being hired as a teacher?
    While substitute teaching or serving as a classroom assistant does offer you an opportunity to become more acquainted with the district schools and building administrators, it does not guarantee you will be hired for a teaching position.  The Stevens Point Area Public School District is looking for the best matches of a teaching applicant to the available opening.


    Q: As an applicant, should I stop by to meet or call the building administrators?
    In fairness to the building administrators and other applicants, you should not visit the buildings without prior approval from an administrator in Human Resources.



    If you have additional questions regarding the interview process, please contact the Human Resources Department at 715-345-5479 for assistance.