Instructional Technology

  • Our District has five Technology Integration Specialists (TIS). Our mission is to prepare each student to be successful by supporting our teachers as they implement instructional technology in teaching and learning. Be sure to check out our RESOURCES page to access professional development and resources to assist you with your technology integration needs. Contact your building's Technology Integration Specialist for further assistance.

  • Laurie Hansen
    Bannach, Jefferson, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Washington
    October Penner
    Elementary & Secondary
    Madison, Plover-Whiting, McDill, McKinley, Point of Discovery School 
    Liz Steele
    Charles Fernandez
    Pamela Hitz
    Ben Franklin(Mon/Tues/Wed)
    PJ Jacobs(Wed/Thurs/Fri)
    Cassie Frost
    K-12 Special Education