• Data Privacy in the Stevens Point Area Public School District

    The District is responsible for the collection, management and use of student data in variety of formats including physical paper records and digital files. High-quality education data are essential for improving students’ achievement in school and preparing them for success in life. Student data can provide educators, students, and families with the information they need to make educational decisions and help all students to be successful. While offering great benefit to students and families, the collection and storage of student data also creates a risk that personally identifiable information and student records could be exposed, misappropriated and stolen.


    The District takes data privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting student and staff data. A data privacy team was formed to create an action plan for protecting student and staff data. The team has created an action plan for the 2016-2017 school year:

    1. All staff in the District will receive training during the 2016-2017 school year on data privacy and security.
    2. All software and online services are reviewed  and checked for data privacy protections before being used with staff and students.
    3. A data breach response plan will be created and shared with all stakeholders.
    4. The data privacy team will review all policies, procedures and training requirements annually.
    5. District Policy 341 concerning student records was updated to reflect these requirements.