• Stevens Point Area Online Learning Center,"The OLC" 

  • Link to the OLC 2023 Summer School Quick Facts

    When:  Wednesday, June 7 -  Wednesday, July 19. Students may log into their online class 24/7.

    Who may apply:  Any student who is currently in grades 9 - 12. Cost of the course is free to those students who live in the Stevens Point Area School District, including parochial and private-based education (home schooled) students.

    What is available: OLC Summer 2023 Course Offerings   and   Course Descriptions for our nationally developed curriculum housed in Buzz 

    How to apply:  Complete an e-application by Tuesday, May 30, 2023.  apply nowWhere:  New students need to complete a 60 minute orientation between June 5 and June 9 via virtual conference.  After that, new students are required to attend three working sessions in the OLC, Room 1326 @ SPASH, during the 10-day trial period. 

    If students are not on pace at the end of the 10-day trial period and/or have not completed their three working sessions, they may be dropped from their OLC class.  The remainder of the work is done at the location of the student’s choosing, as long as there is a strong internet connection. Returning students will need to complete required check-ins with their OLC coach during the 10- day trial period.

    Other notes:

    • The e-application is REQUIRED and is different from the registration form that needs to be completed on Skyward to take other summer school in-person classes. The deadline to apply for an OLC class is Tuesday, May 30.
    • All applications will be reviewed. Accepted applicants will be notified by email starting mid-April. Further instructions will be given at that time. 
    • Students may take only ONE online class in the summer session.
    • OLC summer school is only 6.5 weeks in length. We use the full curriculum, the same that is used for semester length courses.
    • OLC summer classes typically require at least 5-7 active login hours per week. Some classes (e.g. math and world languages) typically require more.  
    • A 10-day trial period, June 5th - June 15th, exists for all students to demonstrate their Motivation, Maturity and time Management skills to complete the required coursework. (We refer to these skills as the “3 M’s”.)  Students must be at least “on pace” by June 16th in order to remain in the class.

    OLC Summer Office Hours: 

    June 7 - July 20, the OLC, Room 1326 @ SPASH

    • Wednesday, June 7: 1 - 4 pm
    • Friday, June 9:  9 am - noon
    • June 12 - 22:  Mondays 1 - 4 pm; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays:  9 am - noon
    • June 23 - July 9:  CLOSED
    • July 10 - 20:   Mondays 1 - 4 pm; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays:  9 am - noon

    Any questions, please contact: 

    1. Your counselor  
    2. The OLC Office:  Room 1326 @ SPASH, 715-345-5400 ext 70104 or secondaryolc@pointschools.net