Safety Cadets - About Us

  • Lead by Cari Blair -


    AAA School Safety Patrol Program - 


    Congratulations for becoming part of the School Safety Patrol! You are now one of 562,000 students in 30,000 schools nationwide who are helping keep other students safe on their way to and from school. School Safety Patrol membership is a position of honor that has continued on since 1920.


    A cadet's job is to remind fellow students of the safety rules and the school rules they have learned in the classroom.  They should guide their classmates and protect them from unnecessary accidents.  A safety cadet should be a student who demonstrates responsibility, maturity, leadership, and  a willingness to help others.


    Patrol Member's  Pledge

    I promise to do my best to...

    • report for duty on time
    • perform my duties faithfully
    • always setting a good example myself
    • obey my teachers and officers of the patrol
    • report dangerous student practices
    • strive to earn the respect of fellow students