• Grade Level Academic and Career Planning

    Rationale: Academic and Career Planning will engage students in activities that help prepare and plan for their future.  Students will access opportunities, learn to adapt to change, address challenges, and apply new skills and insights.

    Mission: To empower students with the knowledge, skills, and experience to create their individual vision of post-secondary success.

    6th Grade
    Individual Planning Conference
    Career Cruising Introduction
    Matchmaker Assessment
    Learner Resume

     7th Grade
    Business and Career Skills Course
    Career Cruising
    Learning Styles Inventory
    Saved Career of Interest
    Career of Choice Paper/Project

     8th Grade
    Individual Planning Conference
    SMART Goal Setting
    Heavy Metal Tour

    9th Grade
    Welcome to High School Presentation
    Matchmaker Assessment
    My Skills Assessment
    Saved Career(s) of Interest
    Four Year Course Plan
    Personal Career Goal

    10th Grade*
    Career Exploration
    Personality Assessment
    Building a Resume

    11th Grade*
    Individual Planning Conference
    Post Secondary Planning Expo
    Building a Resume
    Method Test Prep

    12th Grade*
    Post-Secondary Meetings
    Financial Aid
    Building a Resume
    Mock Interviews


    *SPASH Students (10th-12th Grade) will participate in weekly advisory sessions that will engage them in activities and experiences that will enhance their personal, academic, and career related growth. 
    For more information go to the SPASH Academic and Career Planning website: SPASH ACP