Mountain Bike Club

    Consider joining the SPASH Mountain Bike Team!

    The SPASH Mountain Bike Team is a cross-country mountain bike team, a specific form of cycling which is set apart from other kinds of riding. This is a SPASH club for new or experienced student riders who want to bike off road and over rough terrain on a team that competes.  This club includes the broadest range of skills and team members often bring with them backgrounds and skills gained from other sports. The teams activities are focused upon preparing for and racing at cross-country mountain biking events.  The season runs from July to October with races starting in late August.
    Why commit?
    The team has much to offer: as a team we learn skills quickly, receive valuable coaching and drive each other to achieve. Riding with a team makes training fun and fosters quick and steady athletic and personal growth. If you are interested in finding out more information about the SPASH Mountain Biking Club, please contact one of the coaches or our faculty advisor using their contact information below.

    Don Edberg, Team Director          
    John Brown, Head Coach             
    Vic Akemann, Faculty Club Advisor