• What is Advisory?

    Students at SPASH participate in a weekly advisory session throughout the school year.  Students will be in groups of approximately 15 students from their same grade level.  This group will work with a SPASH faculty member as their advisor.  Advisory will meet on Wednesday for 20 minutes.  Each week, students will participate in Advisory Activities.  During these activities, students will develop skills to promote success in high school while developing their ACP portfolio on Career Cruising.  Activities will range in topic from study skills and career exploration to motivation and stress management.  The purpose of advisory is to engage students in activities and experiences that will enhance their personal, academic, and career related growth.

    What is an Advisor?

    • Faculty Member at SPASH
    • Facilitator of Advisory Activities
    • Group Leader
    • Relationship Builder
    • Go-to Adult within the Building
    • Motivator
    • Mentor
    • Resource
    • Positive Adult Role Model
    • Coach

    What Does Advisory Look Like?

    Advisors work with approximately 15 students from one particular grade and will follow with their advisory group throughout those student's high school careers.  Advisory is a scheduled class period (See Advisory Schedule) that falls in between 2nd and 3rd hour on Wednesdays.  All students at all grade levels will be in Advisory period at the same time throughout the building.  SPASH Faculty members will be the advisors to students in their classroom and will facilitate the advisory activities each week.  Students can communicate any concerns or questions with their advisor as their advisor will serve as a positive mentor teacher throughout their high school experience.