Plover Whiting Safety Cadets

  • The cadet program has been around for many years. It is a program that many school around the state and country use. It is a program where students are able to volunteer their time to serve their classmates, peers and adult staff. At Plover Whiting, the cadets are scheduled for a 15-20 min job at some point during the day. The jobs are set up at the start of the year and can change as needed during the school year. Students will be assigned different duties throughout the school year.

    Cadets play an IMPORTANT role in our daily operation! Staff and students depend on them so much! We appreciate all of the hard work they do!

    Some cadet duties include:

    • walking the kindergarten students to their classrooms and them helping them get outside
    • monitoring students in the hallway in the morning
    • helping Coach Schuster set up and put away the gym materials
    • helping clean off tables and wipe up messes in the cafeteria, which allows for the teachers in the room to focus on students
    • helping in teacher's classrooms

    Mrs. Nelson and Mr. Jensen are the cadet advisors.