Plover Whiting News Crew

  • The Plover Whiting News Crew is something that has been going on at Plover Whiting for many year. It is a group of students who announce the school news and announcements daily. This program has gone through changes throughout the year as technology has changed. It used to be shown on the televisions as a live broadcast. It is now a pre-recorded and edited video that is sent out to teachers. The videos are students recording students and then edited by students!

    News Crew is open to 6th grade. It meets at 8:45 in the News Crew room as well as during lunch (12:30-1:00) to edit. There are a variety of roles that students can take on for this club: reporter and producer. There is usually a team of four students working together to get the necessary parts of the video and then put them together.