Looking for copyright free Multimedia websites?

  • You have found the right place! The links below are websites that provide copyright free multimedia. 

    Keep in mind... "to give credit, where credit is due."   This means that attribution might be necessary. The photographer/videographer (creator) will stipulate this on or near the multimedia they are sharing.  Many use the Creative Commons licenses. For a brief overview of Copyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain visit the bottom of this page.  

  • ccsearch  website allows you to search for various media types.  In the search box, enter the topic, adjust the small checkboxes under the search box, then select the website to search in. You will be directed to that website results. Be sure to provide attribution.

    When teaching attribution to students, this Creative Commons search engine provides photos from several open archives. Click on a photo and at the bottom, a sample attribution is provided.