• Character

    Most schools teach character development in some way, shape, or form, but for us, it is embedded in every lesson and interwoven into all we do. Our work is guided by our Character Habits of Success (compassion, integrity, and joy), which are:

    • The focus of many Crew lessons. In Crew, students build relationships, develop leadership skills, and focus on showing integrity in all situations and compassion to all, while learning how to exhibit joy in all circumstances.
    • Embedded in classroom lessons and semester projects. It is our desire to have students create projects that not only allow them to gain essential knowledge and skills, but also improve the lives of others in their school, the community, and the world.
    • Honed through the teachable moments that arise during incidents where student behavior does not meet our expectations.

    Students receive feedback on the Character Habits of Success from their teachers, peers, parents, and then use that feedback to develop goals and celebrate successes. It is our aspiration for students to not only get smart, but to get smart to do good in the world.