• High Quality Work

    We focus intently on teaching students what it takes to produce high quality work, given that this will be essential, no matter their ultimate line of work. This work is guided by a focus on three pillars:

    • Craftsmanship (which is one of our Habits of Success) - Students are taught what is necessary to create work that is beautiful in conception and execution. All long-term projects go through a rigorous critique and revision process, which in and of itself provides students with the skills necessary to be kind and helpful when giving and receiving feedback.
    • Authenticity - The work that students do, especially the long-term projects, should matter to an audience beyond their teachers. Their work should matter.
    • Relevance - The work that students do should connect with important issues and topics that will impact them beyond the unit of study. We want learning to be transformative, not just learned and forgotten.