Alliance for Equity & Inclusion

  • What is the Alliance for Equity & Inclusion?

    This group was created as a partnership between students, teachers, staff, and community members to work together to develop the Stevens Point Area Public School District's equity and inclusion objectives:

    Empower students, close equity gaps, develop teachers/staff and engage our community.

    Examples of how this could be achieved:

    Empower Students

    • Working with Alliance Leads (teachers/staff), students will create/manage student organizations particularly in the areas of social justice, equity and inclusion.
    • Students (7th -12th) will complete an online Diversity Training to create a baseline understanding of EDI. 
    • The EDI program specialist will create follow-up face-to-face training for students.
    • Through student clubs and class work, students will develop and participate in cultural celebrations that highlight different cultures.

    Close Equity Gaps

    1. Address inequities already identified in the school district and community
    • Increase Inclusive playgrounds
    • Advocate for diverse courses, books and teachers
    • Increase family or gender-neutral bathrooms in district buildings
    • Provide equipment and expand internet hotspot for families as needed
    1. Work with city leadership to improve ordinances and policies affecting students
    • Access to Hair Care
    • Address housing, busing and school boundaries 
    • Grocery stores and community programs
    1. Access to after-school programs
    • Boys & Girls Club, BBBS, Community Pool, YMCA

    Engage the Community

    • Engaging in Courageous Conversations
    • Participate in EDI conferences or seminars (long term)
    • By participating in flagging policies and practices that need review
    • Participating in various parent support groups i.e (parents with LGBTQ+ or Questioning students, Hmong Parents Group, Native American Parent Group, Parents with Biracial Students Group, Latinx Parent Group, Parents with Students with Disabilities Group)
    • Participate in Book Clubs

    Develop Teachers/Staff

    • EDI Program Specialist will create a baseline EDI survey for teachers.
    • By partnering with The Inclusive Excellence Institute: 
    • Non-credit class
    • Graduate Certificate in Education for Equity & Inclusion
    • By partnering with CREATE Portage County
    • By researching and purchasing new staff development training
    • By working with the EDI Program Specialist to identify teachers’ needs and find resources
  • Who are the members of the Alliance for Equity & Inclusion?

    Members of the Alliance for Equity & Inclusion are representatives from the following sectors:

    - Students from the secondary schools in the school district

    - Teacher/staff representatives from all the schools and departments in the school district

    - Boys & Girls club or Portage County 

    - Mid-state Technical College

    - United Way 

    - Portage County Health and Human Services

    - Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin 

    - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 

    - Leaders Igniting Change 

    - CREATE Portage County, Inc.

    - Community member - Onieda

    - Community member - business owner

    - Community members - Parents 

    - Community member - Parent - Hmong 

  • Roles of Alliance Members: 

    Student Role

    • Join student orgs/clubs like Advocate for Change and Equality (ACE), Minority Students achievement Network (MSAN), Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Hmong Club (HAC)
    • Join club leadership
    • Share resources from alliance 
    • Advocate on behalf of student orgs/clubs
    • Bring student voices to the alliance

    Teacher/Staff Role

    • Lead Culturally Responsive initiatives 
    • Review flagged policies/practices in the schools
    • Become advisers to student clubs
    • Identify and recruit speakers for Courageous Conversations 
    • Lead Book Clubs
    • Lead various support groups

    Community Member Role

    • Identify and recruit speakers for Courageous Conversations
    • Review flagged policies/practices
    • Assist in Community Response 
    • Lead Book Clubs
    • Lead Support groups
    • Lead or participate in EDI events and celebrations in the community