• Kennedy 7th Grade Student Transition FAQ


    Why was the decision made to have Kennedy students attend P.J. Jacobs instead of Ben Franklin Junior High? 

    Due to changes in how the population has grown in our district, we have seen the development of a major imbalance in the student population at our two Junior High Schools.  Currently, Ben Franklin has an enrollment of 832 and PJ Jacobs has an enrollment of 668.  This had led to overcrowding at Ben Franklin Junior High which has significantly taxed staff’s ability to provide services and contributed to an increase in student behavior incidents.  Additionally, as we continue to see increased growth in the Plover area this imbalance will become more significant.  

    How does this decision improve student outcomes for success? 

    Over the next three to four years, we are projecting a total enrollment of approximately 750 students at each respective junior high location. Balancing student enrollment allows for equitable student services support and access to extra curricular and co-curricular activities.  

    How will this affect bussing? 

    Busing times will remain similar, with a slight decrease in ride times because the transfer time between SPASH and PJs is shorter than SPASH and Ben Franklin.  

    Students from Kennedy routes that will be attending the Junior Highs will continue to be transferred at SPASH.  

    How will students and families be supported through the transition? 

    The Kennedy School Counselor and classroom teacher will meet with sixth-grade students to answer questions/address concerns throughout the next several months while working collaboratively with staff at Kennedy to share transition resources with Kennedy students and families. 

    The P.J. Jacobs  Administrative Team, Counselors & Staff visit students at Kennedy in the upcoming months.

    Site tour for all Kennedy sixth graders to P.J. Jacobs (Jan.-Feb.).  Potentially including an opportunity for students to have lunch at PJs as part of the tour. 

    Provide opportunities for School  Counselors to meet with fifth and fourth-grade students to address concerns and address questions. 

    Schedule/promote a tour/open house for Kennedy families to visit P.J. Jacobs sometime this spring.'

    Families making the transition to P.J. Jacobs in the next three years will be provided the opportunity to meet with administration and other key staff members.

    When was this decision made? 

    Following input from Kennedy families and staff the School Board approved a recommendation for all Kennedy students, following their 6th-grade year, to attend P.J. Jacobs Junior High School instead of Ben Franklin Junior High School beginning in the 2023-34 school year at the October 10, 2022 School Board Meeting. 

    What is the space comparison between the two schools? 

    P.J. Jacobs has a total square footage of 157,657 and 56 classroom spaces. Ben Franklin has a square footage of 140,400 and 51 classrooms. 

    What if I want my student to attend Ben Franklin Junior High? 

    Families may complete and submit a Parent Transfer Request (PTR) between January 1 and March 1, 2023 for the 2023-24 school year. Forms are available by contacting Educational Services (ahaferma@pointschools.net) or the Kennedy School Office (kkerchef@pointschool.net). 

    Requests will be processed in March with anticipated notification of enrollment status to families in April. 

    Priority will be given to students who have siblings currently attending Ben Franklin.  


    Please reach out to Principal Granger, 715-345-5614