Week 2: August 15th-21st

    Monday, August 15th: Practice will be at the Steves Point Country Club starting at 6 pm until 7:15 pm.. We will be working on your short game and putting in the short game practice area. Golfers need to wear proper golf attire for practice.

    Tuesday, August 16th:  JV golf meet at Marshfield Country Club at 9 am. Players competing in this meet will be Faith and Crystal. Players competing meet Coach Vrieze at the SPASH student parking lot by the flagpole by 7:15 am. The van will be leaving at 7:30 am sharp. Golf attire for the meet will be white polo with black bottoms. Bring some money. We could stop for food after the meet. The rest of the golfers will have practice at the Wisconsin River Golf Course. We will be golfing 9 holes and the tee time is 12:10. Make sure to arrive early to warm-up and stretch. 

    Wednesday, August 17th:  Practice will be at the Stevens Point Country Club starting at 6:30 pm. We will start out practicing on the range working on individual swings and may go out on course to play a couple of holes. We will help pick the range after practice.

    Thursday, August 18th:  No scheduled practice for the players not competing in the Friday Lacrosse Country Club meet. Please make time to work on your golf game. The four players competing in the Friday meet ( Riley, Clare, Ava, and Skylar) will meet coaches in the SPASH student parking lot at noon. Make sure to bring the signed permission slip and money for the hotel. 

    Friday, August 19th:  Golf meet at LaCrosse Country Club starting at 9 am. Players not competing in the meet should find time to individually work on their short game and putting. 

    Sunday,August 21st: Golf meet at Ridges Golf course at 4:30 pm. All players will golf day 1 of the meet and four girls will golf on Monday, day 2 of meet. Players will meet coaches at the Artist & Fare building in Plover (Old Shopko store) at 2:45 pm. The van will leave at 3:00 pm sharp. Bring money. We could stop after meet for food.


  • Head Coach:                                                                              Assistant/JV Coach:                                     
    Mark Lesinski                                                                            Mark Vrieze
    mlesinsk@pointschools.net                                                   mvrieze@pointschools.net