BSF Outdoor Environmental Education Curriculum

  • The Boston School Forest curriculum is intended to provide classroom teachers, school forest staff, and volunteers with lessons, activities, and background information on the environmental education topics studied in our living laboratory, the school forest. The Boston School Forest’s curriculum is designed to correlate directly with the Stevens Point Area Public School District curriculum.  Our goal is to have students benefit the most from their school forest experiences.  They will develop a deeper understanding of the concepts learned at the school forest if they are prepared and have time to reflect and review concepts learned.

    This curriculum was written in 2005 by a team of teachers, naturalists, and the environmental education coordinator. It was most recently updated in 2011. Please contact Karla Lockman, Program Leader if you have any questions regarding the BSF curriculum.


    First Grade

    Second Grade

    Third Grade

    Fourth Grade

    Fifth Grade

    Sixth Grade

    Seventh - Tenth Grades are currently being developed. Check back soon.