• Who We Are

    Point of Discovery School is a public charter school that serves students in grades 6-11. The fact that we are public means:

    • We are a part of the Stevens Point Area School District. Our students have access to the same programs, resources, and extracurricular opportunities as every other student within the school district. 
    • We are open to all students. The demographics of our student body mirror those at other public schools in terms of educational performance, race, gender, educational background, etc. Every single student would fit in well at PoDS!
    • We do not charge tuition.
    • Our students take the Wisconsin Forward Exam and ACT Aspire.


    The fact that we are a charter school means:

    • We are run by an independent governance board that oversees instructional programs and finances.
    • We have curricular flexibility that allows us to meet the same educational standards in innovative and creative ways.
    • We go out of our way to try new things!


    Please explore our website to learn more about our:

    • Expanded definition of student achievement
    • Project-based educational curriculum
    • Restorative justice
    • Standards-based grading