• Habits of Success

    Our Habits of Success are the backbone of our work on all four dimensions of achievement. We aspire to have students understand how interwoven all the Habits are and that becoming people who consistently display all seven in their lives will lead to success in any of their chosen ventures.

    Each Habit has an overarching learning target that students are striving to achieve and also a series of indicators that allow students to evaluate their progress towards meeting the learning target.


    Curiosity: I am a leader of my own learning and seek to never stop gaining knowledge and insight.

    • Asks questions to better understand the world.
    • Investigates issues with an open mind.
    • Takes initiative to complete assignments and projects without reminders.
    • Willingly extends learning beyond the classroom.

    Grit:  I do my best without giving up, even when something is hard.

    • Exhibits a growth mindset
    • Learns from mistakes
    • Accepts critique open mindedly
    • Makes use of resources to help answer questions
    • Does not give up in the face of a challenge
    • Looks for new solutions when a task becomes difficult
    • Sees a project / problem / assignment through to the end
    • Challenges self


    Compassion:  I show genuine concern for others and take action to assist those in need.

    • I treat all people with kindness and respect.
    • I take action to help other students who need physical or emotional support.
    • I respect the different opinions and worldviews of others.
    • I express gratitude to those who help me.
    • I seek to listen more and speak less.
    • I seek forgiveness from and work to restore relationships with those who I offend and wrong.
    • I use manners when interacting with others.

    Integrity:  I am a trustworthy, reliable student. 

    • Comes to class prepared to learn.
    • Is honest with others.
    • Chooses to do the right thing, no matter the situation.
    • Takes responsibility for actions.
    • Conducts self with decency in person and online.
    • Highlights the successes and contributions of others.
    • Apologizes when a mistake is made.

    Joy:  I am a positive person who improves the lives of those around me.

    • Brings happiness to others
    • Celebrates own successes and the successes of others
    • Displays optimism and positivity in all situations
    • Pursues individual passions

    High Quality Work

    Craftsmanship:  I can complete as many drafts as it takes in order to meet the criteria of craftsmanship and high quality work.

    • Makes use of criteria lists, rubrics, and exemplars to identify areas for improvement
    • Uses models as a guide for accomplished work
    • Creates a plan of action or goal based on criteria / rubric / feedback
    • Asks for and uses feedback from teachers, experts, and peers
    • Gives thoughtful and meaningful feedback to peers
    • Targets and attends to specific criteria when revising
    • When needed, seeks support to understand how to improve

     College/Career/Citizen Readiness

    Accountability: I am responsible and own up to my words and actions.

    • Shows up to class on time with the necessary supplies
    • Turns in assignments and projects on time and meets deadlines.
    • Does fair share of the work when collaborating with a partner or team.
    • Accepts responsibility for choices
    • Works to rectify wrongs

    Civic-Mindedness: I work to make my school, community, and world better places.

    • Displays a willingness to put the needs of others first
    • Takes on projects to improve our community
    • Takes actions to help the marginalized and oppressed

    Collaboration:  I contribute to a common goal through my words and actions.

    • Communicates clearly with peers and teachers through body language, tone, and word choice
    • Shares personal ideas and listens to other ideas to build / revise a common goal
    • Actively participates and stays focused during class and work sessions
    • Shows respect to other group members through thoughtful communication, body language, and word choice
    • Takes initiative when there is a need to solve problems or support others in the group

    Communication: I communicate effectively with all people.

    • Clearly articulates ideas both orally and in writing
    • Tailors communication style to fit audience
    • Uses own “voice”

    Flexibility: I respond well to changes in circumstances.

    • Handles change to situations with calm and adaptability
    • Modifies projects when facing adversity