• 2022-2023 Overview of COVID Mitigation Measures 

    The health and safety of our students, staff, and families remains a priority for all of us at the Stevens Point Area Public School District.

    Measures in the Stevens Point Area Public School District. The most recent guidance from the Department of Public in conjunction with the CDC, Department of Health Services, and Portage County Health was used as a reference for its foundation. It will be updated as needed throughout the school year. 

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    • Face coverings will not be required but are encouraged for any individual that feels the need to wear one, and those individuals will be supported in that choice.
    • Broad-based efforts will be used to notify people of a potential exposure. Please reference the Portage County,  DHS or CDC websites to reference the level of community spread as a risk factor for being exposed. In addition, electronic methods will be used to inform families and staff when entire classrooms, grade levels, schools or groups have been exposed to a positive case and there is potential for an outbreak.  We will also be notifying stakeholders when clusters of cases or outbreaks occur.

    • Increased ventilation protocols will continue.

    • Increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols will continue. 

      • Schools will be cleaned daily.

      • If the facility has had someone who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 24 hours, the space will be cleaned AND disinfected.

      • More frequent cleaning and disinfecting will happen in shared spaces under the following circumstances:

        • High transmission of COVID-19 in the community

        • Low vaccination rates in the community

        • Infrequent use of other prevention measures

        • The space is occupied by people at increased risk for severe illness

    • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will continue to be practiced. 

    • We continue to work closely with Portage County Health and Human Services and will monitor community levels to help determine changes to protocol if needed.

    • Should conditions change, we will rely on the plans we had in place during previous years. Adaptations to those plans will be based on the knowledge we have gained and/or conditions at that time.

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