• Stevens Point Area Online Learning Center,"The OLC" 

  • We are proud to promote a program that is Personable, Accessible, Accountable, and Flexible. 

    APPLICATIONS: Students who wish to request a late enrollment to the OLC for this spring semester must contact their building counselor first. (E-Applications for full-time spring semester 7-12 enrollment were due back on DECEMBER 15.)

    *SECONDARY Students in grades 6* - 12: 

    The OLC is proud to announce 2020-21 school year as our 10th year serving students in grades 7-12! We meet the needs of students at different levels of involvement from a single class to multiple classes to full-time enrolment. *This year we added the 6th grade (full-time only) to our level of programming. We encourage those who have questions regarding the OLC to contact us through our new email address:  secondaryolc@pointschools.net  The 6-12 OLC Coordinator is Ms. Dana Breed, dbreed@pointschools.net, 715-345-5400 ext. 70104 or room 1326 @ SPASH. 


    • To learn about the Blended Learning vs. OLC option for 2nd semester for full-time 7-12 students, please see this summary chart.
    • To view the December 2, 2020 letter from Connie Negaard, Director of Secondary Education, to secondary school parents regarding second semester 2020-2021 options, click here.
    • To learn about the 7-12 OLC program, please watch this short 6 minute screencast.


    *ELEMENTARY Students in grades K - 5:  

    For the first time, the OLC is excited to announce we have expanded our program to accommodate elementary students with a full-time virtual learning option.  Congratulations to our new K-5 OLC Coordinator, Ms. Lori Musack! lmusack@pointschools.net, 715-345-5419 ext. 70331. She has been working hard with other individuals to develop the best program possible for our elementary OLC students. 

    The District recognizes that learning takes place in a variety of situations, environments and locations and acknowledges online education as an appropriate instructional delivery system for some students.  Online education enhances and expands current course offerings and provides another appropriate alternative to meet the learning needs of a diverse population of students.