Welcome to the Charles F. Fernandez Center for Alternative Learning

  • The Alternative High School was started in Stevens Point in 1988, as a school for SPASH students who needed an alternative place to learn.  The original location was the Emerson Building until October 2001, when the school was relocated to it's current location on Clark Street. In 2004 the school was renamed The Charles F. Fernandez Center For Alternative Learning (CFC), after Charles Fernandez, a volunteer and strong advocate for the students.

    Our program options are individualized for each student. Different courses and options are available to help each student reach the required 23.5 credits to graduate. Students, in conjunction with their parent(s)/guardian(s) participate in building their plan to earn their high school diploma through personalized learning.

    Students are essentially in the “driver’s seat” and are in charge of their own plan to reach their goal of graduation. We serve grades 10-12 and our Pathways are referral based. To make a referral, the student or parent/guardian need to contact their guidance counselor at SPASH. 

    Our enrollment ranges from 90-120 students depending on the time of the school year. 

    We have a half-day programing options so students are enrolled in either a morning or an afternoon 1/2 day session. Some students also attend classes at the SPASH campus in conjunction with programing at CFC.

    Our students have had the opportunity to work with mentors in our wood shop since 1998, as well as volunteer opportunities that include mentoring elementary students.  CFC students also assist UWSP Health and Wellness students in their interactive presentations.

    Physical education classes are typically held at the YMCA or PoDS. 

    We are conveniently located downtown which allows our students access to post secondary preparation and planning at MSTC if students are interested. 

    If you or your student are interested in having your student attend Fernandez Center, make an appointment with the student's guidance counselor at SPASH to make a referral to Fernandez Center.