Stevens Point Area School District Information

  • School Board


    The Stevens Point Area Public School District has nine school board members.  Members are elected for a three year term.  Citizens of the Stevens Point Area Public School District, 18 years of age or older may run for a board position.

    The Stevens Point Area Public School District School Board meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  Meetings are held at Bliss Educational Services, 1900 Polk Street.  The agenda includes an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board.  Speakers have a maximum of three minutes to address the Board with their concerns, questions or suggestions.  The Board is always interested in hearing input from the community.

    • Communities served by the District:  Stevens Point, Plover, Junction City, Park Ridge, Whiting, Hull, Stockton, Carson, Linwood, Dewey, Eau Pleine, Sharon, Buena Vista, Milladore, Grant, and Sherry
    • Grade levels served: Pre-K -12
    • Number of square miles the District covers: 450 sq.mi.
    • Number of Schools:  18-4K; 9-Elementary; 2-Junior High; 1-Middle; 1-High School; 1-Alternative High School; 1-Boston School Forest.

    Bliss Educational Center