• In the event it is necessary to close schools/ district due to inclement weather/weather emergency, the following procedures will be used.


    1. The transportation manager and the superintendent will jointly monitor the weather through the previous day/evening/early morning hours. By 5:30 a.m., they will determine road conditions and weather impact/outlook. Based on the safety and timing of bus travel and the status of the weather, the superintendent will make the decision to close or not to close schools/district for the day.
    2. The superintendent will
      a. notify the school board president;
      b. notify his executive assistant who will notify school board members, the non-emergency 911 system, and launch the information through the district’s social media;
      c. notify the director of communications who will post information on the district website, send phone, text and email notification to families, and contact appropriate media; and
      d. activate the Leadership Team Emergency Phone Tree.
    3. The transportation manager will
      a. notify Lamers Bus Company; and
      b. notify Transportation Department staff and drivers.
    4. In the event of schools/district closure, the following applies, and these procedures are to be followed.
      a. Coaches, activity sponsors, and advisors will be advised that there are no team/club practices/meetings that day. This is whether school is closed for a partial (early dismissal) or entire day.
      b. All events taking place during the day or after regular school hours will be cancelled. This includes athletic events, concerts, and any community use of district facilities.
      c. The decision to early dismiss will be made no later than 11:30 a.m., if at all possible.
      d. If an early dismissal decision is made, all after-school events are cancelled.
      e. If school is held, but inclement weather approaches, the decision to cancel after school events will be made by 2:00 p.m.
    5. Decisions to close schools/district, early dismiss, and/or cancel events will be posted on the district’s website and sent through the district’s social media in a timely manner, and the media will be notified equally, as well.
    6. The Buildings and Grounds Manager cancels all scheduled/rented facilities on the District Events Calendar once school has been cancelled for the day.
    7. Decision to cancel after-school events/contests scheduled at other non-district sites, locations, schools, etc., will be made on a case-by-case basis in concert with the hosting school/entity.


    The decision to close schools/district, early dismiss, delay start, and/or cancel events is a serious one, and all efforts will be made to hold schools/district open balancing this need with the safety, time, and effort of students and staff.

    Learn how to manage notifications from your school including school closings. 

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