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Safe & Healthy Environments

The Buildings and Grounds Department has a high standard for cleanliness and safety and remains committed to upholding these standards while increasing protocols with intensive cleaning practices. The following enhanced cleaning protocols have been put in place as a result of COVID-19 and are based on local health and government guidelines.

Enhanced Protocols and Precautions

  • Increased air ventilation and circulation of outside air into buildings through HVAC systems.
  • Daily and weekly cleaning protocols utilizing EPA registered chemicals for disinfection specifically focusing on proper dwell time of 15 minutes.
  • Special attention is being placed to disinfect high-touch points including; doorknobs, countertops, handrails, light switches, restroom fixtures, desks, phones, etc.
  • Enhanced areas of focus include restrooms, communal spaces, front desk and lobby areas.
  • Shared objects are to be monitored and touched by only one individual before being placed in trash/recycling or sanitization bin.
  • Some spaces not commonly used for classrooms may be utilized to allow for 6 feet of separation including cafeterias, gym spaces, and other classrooms. Outdoor spaces will be utilized as frequently as possible within the instructional day.
  • Signage has been strategically placed throughout buildings to remind individuals of good hand hygiene, proper handwashing, and symptoms of COVID-19.

Face Coverings

  • All students and staff will be required to wear a face-covering at the start of the school year on buses and in schools. Mask requirements will be in effect through November 4 and may be extended based on existing conditions at that time. If a medical provider has indicated your student should not wear a face-covering, please contact your building principal. Face-covering requirements will be evaluated each quarter.

    View Mask Requirements and Accommodations

Visitors and Volunteers

  • No volunteers will be utilized within our school buildings
  • Parent visitors will not be allowed into the school building


  • All students will have their own supplies, communal school supplies will not be utilized