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Getting to School


Bus Safety

  • Physical distancing will be maintained to the extent possible on all routes.
  • Buses have high-profile seat-backs, providing a barrier between seat rows.
  • Buses are cleaned following each route with special attention paid to high-touch areas.

Face Coverings on Buses
Updated August 9, 2021

Per CDC Order 'requirement for persons to wear masks while on conveyances and at transportations hubs' issued February 2020, all passengers and drivers on school buses are required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

*There are certain exemptions from the mask requirement, such as individuals with disabilities under the ADA or individuals for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duties. 

For additional information or clarification, please contact Transportation Services, 715-345-5477 

Drop Off/Pick Up Zones

  • Parents are not to park, stop, exit vehicles, or congregate at drop off/pick up.
  • Specific directions for drop-off and pick-up zones will be provided directly from your child's school.