Fall 2022 Education Connection

Posted by Stevens Point Area Public School District on 11/7/2022

We have had a phenomenal start to the 2022-23 school year. One of my main objectives as superintendent is to improve instruction for improved student performance and outcomes. I am happy to report that we are making great progress! Our strategic priorities are focused on ensuring that each of our students receives an education that prepares them for success. Please take a moment and see what is happening around the District in the Fall Education Connection. In it you will find: 

  • Referendum Project Updates 
  • Boston School Forest Takes Learning Outside of the Classroom 
  • Using Culture to Promote Literacy: Hmong Jumpstart Program
  • School Board Appreciation
  • Hands On Math: Geometry in Construction
  • Focus on Safety
  • Thank you Class of 1972

We are systematically implementing a meaningful and rigorous curriculum utilizing proven instructional strategies. We are also monitoring our success with instruction and observing its impact on our local student performance.


Our efforts are paying off - we are seeing positive results in terms of both instruction and student performance. We know that sound instructional practices are what have the most significant impact on the academic outcomes of students, and we are committed to providing the best education possible for our community.


Thank you for your support as we continue working hard to improve instruction and student performance. I am confident that, with your help, we will achieve our goals!




Cory Hirsbrunner, Ed.D.



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